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While traveling in our Airstream Trailer, in 1985, we stopped at a hardware store in Ramona, CA.  We noticed an all natural product for drain cleaning and septic systems.   

With most RV Treatments at that time being formaldehyde based, we were very skeptical about the safety and potential harmful health effects of the the few RV Holding Tank Products available.  We knew other RV Users were also concerned about safety, and thought that that, maybe, this all natural product could be a safe alternative.   RV Parks would love it, too, as when patrons dumped their holding tanks, they would also be treating, rather than harming, the health of the park’s waste systems.

We contacted the manufacturer, who provided the Material Safety Data Sheet, Lab Reports,  and other scientific documentation, confirming the safety and effectiveness of their product.  They told us that, in addition to drain cleaning and septic tank usage, it was used by major waste treatment facilities.  They felt that, although they had not marketed it into the RV & Marine Holding Tank Market, that their product would, indeed, also be effective for that use.

That began our journey into the RV Industry, and led to our Bio-Green Biodegrader Products, sold for use in RV & Marine Holding Tanks, Drains, and Septic Systems.  We have now been selling our products to satisfied customers, for many years.

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